An e-paper calendar and smart screen

The subtle e-paper display doesn’t clamour for attention, but it’s there at a glance. 

It can display calendars from Google Calendar and  any iCalendar/WebCal (ICS) link. Outlook is supported via published ICS calendars.

You can also develop your own content.

You need your phone (iOS or Android) only for the initial configuration. After that, your display will keep refreshing whenever your calendar changes.

  • "We really love the device and use it everyday. It sits in our kitchen and is a great addition to help everyone in the house know what's coming up.”

    - Thomas

  • "That's something I have wanted to get for a long time. Thank you for making it.”

    - Marc

  • “Very, very happy now! Physical calendars are particularly useful to people with ADHD.”

    - Lea

  • "I've wanted a calendar in the kitchen for a long time, and it's as great as I thought it would be.” 

    - Karen

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the calendar layout be configured?


You do this via the mobile app (Android and iOS).

You can select the current week to be displayed (with or without weekend days.)

Or you can select to display only the current day. Or only today and tomorrow. Or today and the next 6 days!

The total number of days that can be displayed is 7.

You can also choose if past events should be greyed out, to make it easier to see the next event at a glance.

And for sure you can select the time range that should be displayed for every day and match it to the time when you day usually starts or ends.

Is there a monthly view?

In horizontal mode, you can display up to three rows of events, covering the next three weeks.

If you place the display vertically, this goes up to four weeks! (But it will look crammed unless you hide the weekends.)

How is it powered?

It has a power chord with a normal, old-school USB-A plug and you can power from any standards-compliant USB-A power source, for example a phone charger.

Does it have a battery?

There is no battery and the power chord is not removable.

Some customers are using external USB battery packs to power the display.

The display draws very little power and an external battery should last a long time.

Note: Some external batteries packs turn off if no power consumer is connected. Since the display draws so little power, some external battery packs do not detect it.

How big is the screen? What is the resolution?

Screen Size: 7.5"

Screen Resolution:  800 x 480

Device Size without stand: approximately 8" x 5.5"

Power Cable Length: approximately 6 foot

Can it display events from Google Calendar? What about multiple Google accounts?

Yes! Google calendars can be linked via an official Google calendar integration.

You can link as many Google accounts as you want.

Can it display events from Outlook calendars?

You can use the "publish" feature in outlook to create an ICS link for your outlook calendar. With this link, you can then add the Outlook calendar to the Smart Display via the companion app.

The URL or a "public" Outlook calendar is secret and hard to guess, but there may be situations where this isn't as safe as a password-protected link. So you will have to use this option at your own discretion. 

Instructions can be found here

Can it display events from iCloud calendars?

You can "publish" any iCloud calendar to generate an ICS link. With this link, you can then add the Outlook calendar to the Smart Display via the companion app.

The URL of the ICS link is hard to guess, but there may be situations where this isn't as safe as a password-protected link. 

There is a relatively simple but unofficial way to obtain a more protected ICS link.

You may find the necessary instructions on this external website:

For how long will the displays be supported? What if you turn off the back-end?

The smart displays need back-end servers to operate.

We intend to support the displays for at least 10 years after the last one is sold. The cost of running the back-end services is low, and it is something we intend to keep doing even when it is no longer profitable to do so.

We are a bootstrapped company, so the risk of the company unexpectedly faltering is low.