The day as a poem - on e-paper

The day as a poem - on e-paper

When I saw that neat time-as-a-poem clock, I knew I wanted to try something similar for my agenda. 

Since I already had an eink display, as well as a calendar integration with Google and iCalendar, this all I had to do was to build a small integration with the ChatGPT API, to turn each day's schedule into lyrical rhymes.

And it's... delightful! The pathos that comes with the poetic style can be quite funny when combined with a mundane Monday-morning office schedule. 

But beyond the silly layer, there is something more serious: Seeing my day as poem reminds me that life is what happens while we are busy making plans.


If you own one of my e-paper displays, or are intending to buy one, let me know if you want to try out the poem view - I will turn it on for you.  

I may eventually have to charge up to $3 a month for the ChatGPT API costs. This is unlike the normal calendar views of the display, which will always be free of charge. 


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