Multi-Week Calendar on the e-paper display

Multi-Week Calendar on the e-paper display

We have finally released the long-requested multi-week calendar layout! 

The challenge had always been how to fit a whole month's worth of calendar events on a not-so-big 7.5 inch display!

The answer is two-fold:

First, we limited ourselves to three weeks instead of a whole month. This means that if you select the multi-week layout, it will display the current week, as well as the next week and the week after. 

Second, we decided to not display the start time of the event - that saves a lot of screen real estate and actually isn't the most important thing when you want to see what's coming up in two weeks. 

We know that for some, being able to display more than just the next seven days of calendar events has been a long-requested feature - so we hope you'll love this!

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